The Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association

The Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association is for people interested in wind power in Denmark.

Members are owners of wind turbines – single owners and members of wind turbine cooperatives – and others who are interested in wind energy.

The association was founded in 1978 to solve the shared problems of the first wind turbine owners in relation to the public authorities, electric companies, and wind turbine producers. Today it is still in the Danish Wind Turbine Owner’s Association you gather to discuss windmills. In 2015 the association had over 4,000 members. Most are wind turbine owners, but also many who are interested in the exploitation of wind for the purpose of energy have joined. The wind turbine cooperatives’ memberships mean that more than 33,000 individuals are represented by the Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association. 4 out of 5 wind turbine owners are member of the association, which, thus, represent aprox 3,800 wind turbines corresponding to 3,700 MW of installed power.


Naturlig Energi

Naturlig Energi






Naturlig Energi is a monthly magazine for the members of The Danish Wind Turbine Owners' Association

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