Danish Associations

The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature

The purpose of the organization is protection and nature conservation


Software for estimation of production, noise, visualization and economics concerning wind turbines

The Danish Organization for Renewable Energy

The organisation is primarily working for a resource and environmental conscious energy policy through renewable energy

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

The organisation develops, tests and demonstrates renewable resource technologies

Network for Ecological Education and Practice

The network supports a sustainable and ecological development in Denmark

The Danish Ecological Council

The council supports sustainable patterns of development and ecology in general


Danish Authorities

As the owner of the overall infrastructure, maintains the security of supply and ensures the smooth operation of the market for electricity and gas.

Danish Energy Authority

The authority carries out tasks in the area of production, supply and consumption of energy

Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The agency aims to prevent and combat pollution

The Ministry of Environment

The ministry is in charge of administrative and research tasks concerning environmental protection and planning

Danish Nature Agency


The Danish Parliament

Folketinget, The Danish parliament

The ministry of Business and Growth

A key area of the ministry’s work is handling the conditions for the Danish trades and industries, for instance the wind energy sector


International Associations

European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)

A wind industry union and a number of independent organizations who promote wind power

Global Wind Energy Council

Global wind industry association working to
ensure that wind power establishes itself as the answer to today's energy challenges

World Wind Energy Association

Information about wind energy worldwide

European Environmental Bureau

A union of environmental organizations in Europe with an aim to ensure the EU secures a healthy environment and rich biodiversity for all

International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)

A network of international independent organizations working for sustainable energy solutions globally


Danish Wind Farms

Horns Rev 1 Off-shore Wind Farm

The wind farm is located 14-20 km into the North Sea, west of Blavands Huk and consists of 80 wind turbines each 2 MW

Horns Rev 2 Off-shore Wind Farm

The wind farm is located 14-20 km into the North Sea, west of Blavands Huk and consists of 91 wind turbines each 2,3 MW

Middelgrunden Off-Shore Wind Farm

This off-shore wind farm, which is partly owned by a cooperative, consists of 20 turbines each 2MW located 3.5 km east of Copenhagen harbor.

Nysted Off-shore Wind Farm

Situated at Rodsand about 10 km south of Nysted and 13 km west of Gedser, the offshore wind farm consists of 72 turbines each 2.2 MW

Samsø Off-shore Wind Farm

The offshore wind farm consists of 10 wind turbines each 2.3 MW. The production data are available online, but cannot be accessed using all browsers.


General Information

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

A panel established on basis of the global climate change

International Energy Agency

An intergovernmental agency with the objective to advance security of energy supply, economic growth and environmental sustainability through energy policy co-operation

Energy Technology Data Exchange

International energy database with the world’s largest collection of energy literature

UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change

Information about climate change by the UN


Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) exchange of electrical power

Wind Power Monthly

International magazine with news, views and analyses about wind power


A technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission, which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.

Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS)

Cooperation between a number of European countries about a standard certificate for the production of renewable energy

Offshore Wind Energy Europe

General information about offshore wind energy as a result of a Europe-wide information gathering initiative

Wind Energy – The Facts

Presents a detailed overview of the wind energy sector

World Information Service on Energy

Anti-nuclear information and networking center



DTU Wind Energy

The department does research in for instance wind power meteorology, wind turbine technology and applications of wind energy


Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Danish Wind Industry Association

Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

The world’s biggest producer of wind turbines

Siemens Wind Power

The world’s leading producer of off-shore wind turbines

LM Wind Power

Manufatures blades for wind turbines


Wind Energy Associations

American Wind Energy Association

Austrian Wind Energy Association

British Wind Energy Association

Canadian Wind Energy Association

Estonian Wind Power Association

Finnish Wind Power Association

German Wind Power Association

Indian Wind Power Association

Irish Wind Power Association

New Zealand Wind Power Association

Swedish Wind Power Association


Wind Power History

The Poul la Cour Museum

Information about Poul la Cour, the founder of modern wind turbine theory

Wind of Change

Wind power development in Denmark. Erik Grove-Nielsen’s personal story in photos from 1949 - 2000